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  • Math Madness2:14 Math Madness Multiplication

    Grade 4-6 Students and Families - Welcome to WDS Math Madness!

    Would you like to be faster at your multiplication facts than your parents? How about your teachers? Well, come on
    down to Math Madness where you'll practice multiplying one number a week to get really good at it. Then, at the
    beginning of the next week you 'll show off your results to your teacher and your class with a little quiz. And we'll start
    all over again with a new number each week. Now, the goal is to have automaticity. This means that you feel so
    comfortable with the math fact that you can say or write it quickly. Do you think you can do that? Do you believe you
    can get faster? Well, the teachers certainly do!

    What, you don't think this sounds fun? Well, you would be mistaken because at the end of 10 weeks we will have a
    math-off. This is where you can choose a number to multiply by and challenge someone from your class or another
    class to show off your skills. There might be a little multiplication Jeopardy thrown in too.

    So....WHO'S READY?

    Ms. Gay, Mrs. Levasseur and Miss Fedak.

    P.S. Keep an eye out for some tips, tricks and game videos brought to you by your very own Mrs. Lech.

    Uploaded Apr 21, 2023